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FIVE YEAR: 2020-2025 – Rotary Club Kampala East


Rotary Club Kampala East’s Strategic Plan


About the Rotary Club of Kampala East

The Rotary Club of Kampala East (hereinafter referred to as “the Club”) was admitted into Rotary International on 5th March, 1988 and chartered on 2nd May, 1988 with 35 Charter members. The membership has grown over the years. Currently the Club has 54 active members and two (2) honorary members. Currently the club is led by the 27thPresident, whose term commenced on July 1 2019.


Presidents for next 5 years that is; President; President Elect (PE), President Nominee (PN), President Nominee Nominee (PNN), President Nominee Nominee Nominee (PNNN) are expected to achieve each strategic plan initiative. The club should always have the five (5) proposed presents lined up in proportion to the five years of the strategic plan.


Initiative #1: Support & Strengthen Clubs

Club Tools

  • 100% use of club Runner
  • 100% Use Rotary club Central
  • Introduce innovative efficiency tools


  • 100 Net members
  • 100% Retention
  • Rotaractors transitions -100 – 5 years
  • Membership growth – 100 members -5 years
  • Diversity in membership- recruit all round qualifications that are not yet in the club


  • 60% Rotaractors and other youth to attend Rotary Youth Leadership Academy (RYLA)
  • Mentorship of different fields through lectures
  • Presentations on club leadership for key members

Initiative #2: Focus & Increase Humanitarian services

  • $75,000 Rotary Foundation Giving
  • TRF Global grants -Utilize $Imillion

Initiative #3: Public Image     (twitter, facebook, Instagram, linkedIn etc)

  • Create a club communication and social media strategy plan
  • 100% plan executed over 5 years
  • Brand standardization
  • 100% increase club image and visibility
  • Identify Honorary members
  • Values: Integrity, Service above self, Fellowship

Initiative #4: Club Projects

  • 100% Project completion, handover & sustainability
  • Joint projects - Rotary & Rotary; Rotary & Rotaractors
  • Mobilize Ugshs. 500m -Corporate partnerships & friends of Rotary
  • Develop 25 new club projects