Uganda Samaritan Ministries


In 2017, we learned about an epidemic present in sub-Saharan Africa that still exists today. Oftentimes, parents and/or guardians are forced to give up their guardianship to orphanages simply because they’re unable to provide the most basic needs for their children: food, medical care, and education. Children who have living, healthy family members can and do become orphans overnight.
Uganda Samaritan ministries gives a hand to vulnerable children in the communities. Our goal is not only to meet their physical needs, but to give them everything they need to become healthy and whole, and live a life of purpose. When you sponsor a child, you help us provide food, clothing, medical care, education and a safe place they can call home. You may also choose to upgrade your regular Sponsorship to Sponsorship Plus. This additional support helps bridge the gap between the time a child is identified and when they are fully sponsored. There are always new children being welcomed into our family who are not yet sponsored and will benefit from this support. Sponsor a child today for only $35 monthly and let’s all sit down and witness what God is doing in the lives of the many vulnerable children in our communities.